Annual Business Conferences in Chicago, IL

Spotlight on Sales Compensation

August - Sales professionals at every level, from associates to executives, gather to discuss the important topic of sales compensation. Some of the subjects discussed in the past include getting a return on investment from a sales force and maximizing results. Executives, managers, and associates get a chance to have personal discussions with sales metrics experts and find new ways to improve sales compensation.

Venue: Westin Chicago River North - Chicago, IL
The Westin Chicago River North is the epitome of style and luxury at the heart of Chicago.

Connect Mobile Innovation Summit

August - As the mobility market grows, business professionals want to know the latest ways to take advantage of this communication resource. This summit brings together mobile communications experts and business professionals to help bridge the gap between possibility and reality.

Venue: Sofitel Chicago Water Tower - Chicago, IL
The Sofitel Chicago Water Tower commands the view of downtown Chicago and offers excellent conference accommodations.

TigerPaw Partner Conference

August - TigerPaw Software develops critical business applications and has a dynamic list of developers. This conference is designed to help current developers to get more information and entice new developers to start developing products for the TigerPaw line.

Venue: Hyatt Regency McComrick Place - Chicago, IL
The Hyatt Regency McCormick Place is a state-of-the-art conference facility in downtown Chicago.

Annual PIA Trade Show Conference

August - The Plantscape Industry Alliance gets together once a year to discuss new ways to create more business and make an impression on the American landscape. With guest speakers such as Martha Stewart taking part in previous conferences, it is easy to see how this conference generates so much useful information.

Venue: Navy Pier - Chicago, IL
The Navy Pier in Chicago is part boardwalk amusement park and part innovative conference center.

Pricing Strategies Series

August - August is a busy month for business in Chicago as IQPC Worldwide brings its Pricing Strategies Series to the Windy City each year. This is where business professionals discuss important subjects such as giving the customer maximum value, creating efficient inventory monitoring methods, and developing pricing strategies that beat the competition.

Venue: The Millennium Knickerbocker Hotel - Chicago, IL
This historic hotel and conference center is famous for its attention to detail.

Linuxcon North America

August - Linux is the open source operating system that Microsoft wants to see disappear, but it is obvious that Linux is not going anywhere. At the annual Linuxcon conference, developers and business professionals gather to discuss challenges with the software and developmental needs for the future. This is where business and technology meet to discuss practical issues.

Venue: Sheraton Chicago Hotel and Towers - Chicago, IL
Few modern conference centers offer better service than the Sheraton Chicago Hotel and Towers.


September - Fashion is big business in Chicago and the wedding industry knows how to take advantage of good fashion. The WindyCityRails conference introduces the city's best designers and also acts as a wedding trade show for the very largest service providers in the area.

Venue: Venue One - Chicago, IL
Venue One's only job is to create the best possible atmosphere for your next business conference.

BioPlastic Materials Conference

October - The emerging bioplastics industry has developed into an organized business entity and the people who are at the forefront of bioplastics meet at the BioPlastic Materials Conference each year. Discussion topics range from the latest innovations in bioplastics to changes in federal or state legislation that will change the industry. Venue: Embassy Suites Hotel - Chicago, IL
The Embassy Suites in downtown Chicago is the home to many international business conferences throughout the year.

CIO Event

October - CIO's from around the country gather to discuss important topics such as the proper utilization of human resources to the constantly changing technology landscape. Keynote speakers include professionals from a range of disciplines including IT support, logistics, and business method efficiency training.

Venue: Sofitel Chicago Water Tower - Chicago, IL
The Sofitel Chicago Water Tower is unmistakable in its design and irresistible in its level of service.

Internet Of Things World Forum

October - As the Internet continues to change the business world, business leaders want to learn as much as they can about emerging Internet technologies. Software developers, business leaders, and international technology experts offer valuable information to an audience made up of Internet savvy and progressive business professionals and entrepreneurs.

Venue: Hyatt Regency Chicago - Chicago, IL
The Hyatt Regency Chicago offers comfort, style, and luxury that will impress all of your conference guests.