Annual Business Conferences in Houston, Texas

General Business Conference

April - An interesting mixture of business and education as educational experts present business papers and then discuss the implications of their theories with business leaders. It is a conference where the business and educational worlds get to update each other and help each other to create ideas that will generate innovation and profit in the future.

Venue: Sam Houston State University - Houston, TX
Sam Houston State University is widely regarded as a central point for domestic and international business innovation.

WBEA Cutting Edge Awards & Scholarship Luncheon

November - The Women's Business Enterprise Alliance recognizes the great work of Houston-area female entrepreneurs with the Cutting Edge Awards. This event is also where information regarding business educational scholarships, such as winners, is announced. There are keynote speakers and a several networking sessions.

Venue: Westin Galleria Houston - Houston, TX
The Westin Galleria in Houston offers the perfect mix of conference functionality and luxury.

Business of Film Conference

September - The annual Business of Film Conference is a place where independent filmmakers can learn the business side of their art and try to make contacts with people who can bring independent films to screens all over the world. It is an event primarily attended by Houston-area filmmakers, but anyone can attend.

Venue: Museum of Fine Arts - Houston, TX
This event uses several venues, but the Museum of Fine Arts in downtown Houston acts as the congenial and impressive host for the kick-off event.

World Refining Technology and Shale Processing Summit

November - The Houston area is home to many energy companies and the vast majority of them get together once a year at the Refining Technology and Shale Processing Summit to discuss new ways to bring more energy to the world.

Venue: J.W. Marriott Houston - Houston, TX
When the energy industry needs a place to hold a conference, it calls on the modern and impressive facilities at the J.W. Marriott Houston.

TACVB Annual Conference

August - The Texas Association of Conventions and Visitor's Bureaus gets together once a year to talk about the business of tourism. Keynote speakers introduce new ways to increase tourism revenues and networking sessions allow attendees to get to know each other better.

Venue: Hilton - Houston Plaza/Medical Center - Houston, TX
The Hilton - Houston Plaza/Medical Center is a quiet and contemporary place to hold a conference.

Kickercon Crowd Funding Expo

August - Crowd funding has become extremely popular and the Kickercon Crowd Funding Expo was created to help business professionals better understand this funding option. Investors get to make presentations and business owners learn about their financing possibilities.

Venue: Hilton Americas Houston - Houston, TX
The strong international flavor and use of innovative technology at the Hilton Americas Houston makes it a popular conference center.

Landmark Innovation Forum

September - The Halliburton Corporation puts together the Landmark Innovation Forum each year to teach project management and contracting skills to business all over the world. The networking sessions at this conference are extremely popular and very well attended.

Venue: Westin Houston - Houston, TX
The Westin Houston is a large conference and hotel facility that regularly hosts gatherings from all over the world.

Gas and Power Institute

September - State and federal laws are constantly changing and the gas and power corporations need to keep up to date on all of the changes. The Gas and Power Institute is an annual conference set up to bring lawmakers and gas and power company representatives together for productive meetings.

Venue: Four Seasons Hotel - Houston, TX
Known for its exceptional service, the Four Seasons in Houston, TX plays host to many important conferences each year.

Managing Construction Projects in Texas

September - The state of Texas is constantly growing and that means that there is always a great deal of construction going on. At this conference, contractors, job owners, and lawmakers get together to try and make building Texas a cooperative effort.

Venue: Crowne Plaza Houston - Houston, TX
The Crowne Plaza is in the middle of an affluent section of downtown Houston, which makes for some great conference facilities.

Retail Forum

September - The growing population in the city of Houston means that the needs and challenges for the retail industry in the city are constantly changing. At the Retail Forum, business leaders get to exchange ideas and are introduced to service providers who can make it easier to do business in the city of Houston.

Venue: Hotel Derek - Houston, TX
The Hotel Derek has that old Houston feel with a 21st century set of amenities.