Annual Business Conferences in Miami, FL

South Florida Premier Labor Law & Employment Conference

August - Labor laws are a huge concern for business owners all over the country and that is why the South Florida Premier Labor Law & Employment Conference was created. At this conference, business owners get to be updated on the latest labor laws and get advice on dealing with sensitive issues such as background checks and utilizing social media as a recruiting tool.

Venue: Hampton Inn and Suites - Miami, FL
The Hampton Inn and Suites in Miami has a great view of the beach and all of the conference amenities a business professional needs.

MBAs Risk Management & Quality Assurance Forum

September - Business owners who want to learn how to reduce their business' exposure to various forms of financial risk need to take part in this important business conference.

Venue: InterContinental Miami - Miami, FL
The InterContinental has that old Miami flair with the amenities modern guests are looking for.

CW Summit Americas

September - GMI Global LLC brings together energy industry professionals from around the world to discuss topics such as energy exploration and alternative fuels. Modern construction topics dealing with environmentally friendly building options are also discussed.

Venue: J.W. Marriott Miami - Miami, FL
The J.W. Marriott offers a commanding view of the city of Miami and is the host of several international conferences throughout the year.

ABS East Conference

September - The ABS East Conference is one of the most significant conferences in the corporate credit industry. It attracts attendees and speakers from all over the world to discuss what is rapidly becoming one of the most important subjects in the corporate world. Small business owners and corporate giants gather to get a handle on the state of the credit industry.

Venue: Fountainebleau Miami Beach Hotel - Miami, FL
The Fountainebleau offers attendees the chance to mix the warm sunshine with important business needs.

Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum

October - Renewable energy is a hot business topic these days for many reasons. At the Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum, business leaders gather to discuss how to utilize, and possibly profit from, various renewable energy sources. This is a discussion held know that affects the future.

Venue: J.W. Marriott Marquis - Miami, FL
The J.W. Marriott in Miami has all of the modern amenities a successful conference needs.

PET Value Chain Americas Conference

October - Latin business leaders and United States corporate professionals get together to discuss how to stabilize the PET renewable energy industry and make it work for business. Several important topics, such as supply and waste management, are discussed. There are also several breakout sessions to allow business leaders to network.

Venue: Hilton Miami Downtown - Miami, FL
The Hilton Miami Downtown offers an amazing view of the Miami skyline and the surrounding areas.

Customer Experience Exchange North America

October - Customer satisfaction is a key to success for most business and the best ways to improve the customer experience are discussed at this popular conference. Customer experience experts offer tactics and ideas for creating the ultimate customer experience without breaking your company's bank account.

Venue: Trump National Doral - Miami, FL
Efficient luxury as only Donald Trump can offer.

Digital Marketing Conference

October - Digital marketing is rapidly becoming important to businesses all over the world. At the Digital Marketing Conference, technology experts show business professionals how to make the Internet, and other forms of digital marketing, work for them and generate significant new exposure.

Venue: Royal Caribbean Cruise - Miami, FL
One of the few business conferences that departs on a luxury cruise ship from a Miami port and puts you out on the open seas.

Construction Law in Florida

October - Each year, the construction laws in the state of Florida get an overhaul while the construction volume in Florida continues to rise. At this important conference, construction contractors can mix with legal experts to find out what new changes have been introduced, how to adapt to them, and what changes are on the horizon.

Venue: Hampton Inns & Suites Brickell - Miami, FL
The Hampton Inn in Miami offers just as much luxury as it does modern amenities to make any conference a hit.

Academy of International Business Southeast Chapter

October - Business leaders from all the Southeastern United States gather to discuss topics such as emerging markets and efficient ways to grow and maintain a successful business.

Venue: Conrad Miami Hotel - Miami, FL
The Conrad Miami Hotel has an interesting way of mixing luxury, intimate comfort, and the needs of an international business conference.