Annual Business Conferences in New York, NY


August -The industrial products industry is put on display in this business conference that shows off a variety of print and digital products. Attendees get to compare marketing solutions and phone data gathering techniques in an attempt to determine the best way to create formidable business leads. Internet marketing and other emerging marketing subjects are also discussed at length.

Venue: New York Marriott Marquis - New York City, NY
The New York Marriott Marquis offers luxurious elegance with a touch of New York City style.

International Conference on Hydroinformatics

August - In an era where alternative energy exploration is huge business, finding new ways to monitor and utilize water is becoming increasingly popular. At this conference, hydro scientists and business professionals get together to find ways to get the most out of the most abundant natural resource on the planet.

Venue: The City College of New York - New York City, NY
The City College of New York is world-renowned for its educational and architectural prowess.

SpeechTek Conference and Exhibition

August - If Alexander Graham Bell were alive today, he would probably be at SpeechTek each year. Communications research scientists mingle with business professionals to find ways to market the latest in communication technology.

Venue: New York Marriott Marquis - New York City, NY
The Marriott Marquis in New York City is one of the more famous Marriott hotels in the world.

Customer Service Experience

August - Business and customer service professionals meet each year to discuss the latest techniques and technology used to enhance the customer experience. This particular conference is rapidly gaining in popularity because of the positive effect it continues to have on the bottom lines of attendees from around the world.

Venue: New York Marriott Marquis - New York City, NY
The New York Marriott Marquis has all of the charm and functionality you would expect from a New York City conference center.

Customer Solutions Expo

August - The Customer Solutions Expo is where business experts gather to discuss advances in all areas of customer service. From new Internet technologies to improved point of sale offerings, business leaders get the opportunity to find new ways to make their customers happier.

Venue: New York Marriott Marquis - New York City, NY
The New York Marriott Marquis hosts important business conferences that bring in attendees from all over the world.

Strategic Communication for Transmission Projects

August - Project management tools for information transmission installations is the primary topic of this annual conference. Other topics include improving the delivery process and maximizing profits when it comes to transmission systems maintenance and repair.

Venue: Roosevelt Hotel - New York City, NY
The Roosevelt Hotel is one of New York City's finest conference venues.

CRM Evolution Conference and Exhibition

August - The area of CRM software has become critical to any organization that relies on sales to generate revenue. A wide cross-section of industries is always represented in this conference that deals with new ways to better manage client information and ways to more efficiently utilize that critical customer data.

Venue: New York Marriott Marquis - New York City, NY
The New York Marriott Marquis offers the supreme service and luxury accommodations that every conference is looking for.

Live Love Spa Event

August - This eclectic conference brings together representatives from the pharmaceuticals, entertainment, and cosmetics industries to find new ways to maximize profits. From make-up special effects to new customer relaxation equipment, there is a lot to learn at the Live Love Spa Event.

Venue: Waldorf Astoria - New York City, NY
The Waldorf Astoria remains one of the most famous conference centers in the entire world.

Food Investing Conference

August - The Food Investing Conference is a business conference geared towards people starting business in the food industry and people looking to invest in the food industry. It offers information on crowd funding as well as the best ways to create effective business plans for your food-based company.

Venue: The International Culinary Center - New York City, NY
The International Culinary Center in New York City is an impressive and modern food preparation facility run by the world's foremost food experts.

ACM SIGKDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining

August - Data mining and database management are critical topics to every business owner. At this conference, data mining experts show business professionals how to get the very most out of their critical business data.

Venue: Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel - New York City, NY
The world class luxury of the Sheraton Hotel and the excitement of Times Square are an excellent combination.