Annual Business Conferences in Oakland, CA

BALLE Conference

June - The BALLE Conference is held by the Sustainable Business Alliance and it is designed to bring together Oakland-based companies that are having an impact on a national and continental arena. Oakland business leaders get together to discuss their success and their challenges and brainstorm together to find ways to give Oakland-based businesses a stronger impact outside the Oakland area.

Venue: Scottish Rite Center - Oakland, CA
The Scottish Rite Center offers a unique and productive conference setting.

PBWC Conference

March - The Professional BusinessWomen of California get together once each year to discuss ways to advance female-owned businesses in the state. There are keynote speakers offering advice and breakout sessions where business professionals can network and improve their business operations. Male and female business professionals are encouraged to attend this event.

Venue: Michelle R. Clayman Institute for Gender Research - Oakland, CA
The Clayman Institute is one of Stanford University's most dynamic business facilities.

California Library Association

November - Library administrators around the state of California know that running a library is a demanding business. With budgets for libraries around the state shrinking, the attendees of this conference work to find ways to make budgets last while still offering a valuable service to the community.

Venue: Oakland Marriott City Center - Oakland, CA
The Oakland Marriott City Center cuts an impressive figure in the downtown Oakland skyline.

Center For Socially Responsible Business Conference

March - These days, it seems like business ethics and responsibility to the customer are losing their appeal. At this conference, ethics and business law leaders give information to business professionals on the best ways to carry out business in a socially responsible manner.

Venue: Lorry I. Lokey Graduate School of Business - Oakland, CA
Mills College is a well-known business college in the Oakland area.

Black College Expo

January - The administrators of colleges with a traditionally African American student base put on an exhibition to try and convince African American high school students and their families to make the leap to college. There are hundreds of informational tables set up on the conference floor and the speakers at this meeting are there to give information and answer any questions.

Venue: Oakland Marriott Convention Center - Oakland, CA
The Oakland Marriott Convention Center is a large conference facility that offers premium guest services.

Living The New Economy Convergence

October - What is the New Economy? At this conference, the idea of new business approaches and new business models is brought to the forefront in the discussion of the newest business economy. Business leaders and progressive business thinkers get together to bring business into the 21st century.

Venue: The Impact Hub Oakland - Oakland, CA
The Impact Hub is a no-nonsense business venue where work gets done and solutions are created.

Community Capital Conference

September - This is a grassroots conference that attempts to get people to invest in their own Oakland communities. Oakland business owners get together with interested community members and discuss investing in local business ventures. The conference includes start-ups and existing businesses.

Venue: The Impact Hub Oakland - Oakland, CA
The Impact Hub in Oakland is specifically designed to host successful business conferences.

Non-Profit Software Development Summit

November - Developing specific software applications for non-profit organizations is a challenge in many ways. At this conference, developers and non-profit business leaders get together to discuss the issues and find solutions that will get the non-profits the software they need at prices the for-profit developers can accept.

Venue: Nile Hall at Preservation Park - Oakland, CA
Nile Hall in Oakland is a large and modern conference center that offers excellent service for attendees.

Catalyzing Social Value

March - The Lorry I. Lokey Graduate School of Business is one of the most dynamic foundations for socially conscious business in the country. At this conference, business experts get together with ethics experts to discuss the idea of utilizing social value as a way to expand business.

Venue: Lorry I. Lokey Graduate School of Business - Oakland, CA
The Lokey Graduate School hosts several socially conscious business conferences each year.

Building An Artist's Life

September - There are several significant art schools and large population of active artists in the Oakland area. Each artist looks for their own way to generate revenue, but this conference works to give real ideas to artists who are struggling to generate revenue.

Venue: California College of the Arts - Oakland, CA
The California College of the Arts in Oakland is extremely active in the local and regional art scene.