Annual Business Conferences in Santa Ana, CA

Women Business Owners Conference

October - Female entrepreneurs and business leaders from Santa Ana and all over the country gather to discuss the important business issues of the day. Male and female business professionals make keynote speeches and work together to try and meet the daily challenges that women business owners face all over the country.

Venue: Newport Beach Marriott Hotel and Spa - Santa Ana, CA
The Marriott in Santa Ana knows how to host a comfortable and professional conference.

SBA Southern California Conference

May - The U.S. Small Business Administration puts on its annual conference in Santa Ana to help small business owners to get the resources and information they need. Business experts from around the country, along with service providers, make speeches and head productive workshops.

Venue: Inland Empire Small Business Development Center - Santa Ana, CA
The Inland Empire Small Business Center has everything a successful business conference would need.

Workforce Development Conference

October - The workforce needs of Orange County and the rest of California are discussed in this important conference. Employee training, higher education, and continuing workforce development are important topics that will be discussed. Government, educational, and business leaders all gather to exchange information and try to improve workforce development skills.

Venue: Hotel Irvine - Irvine, CA
The Hotel Irvine is adjacent to Santa Ana, CA and offers modern conference facilities.

Economic Forecast Conference

October - Business experts get together to discuss ways of utilizing historical business data to make accurate forecasts for the future. Some of the more critical topics discussed at this conference include business growth, planning for business development, and working with local educational facilities to provide the trained workers necessary to meet business needs.

Venue: Hotel Irvine - Irvine, CA
Irvine, CA is adjacent to Santa Ana in Orange County and the Hotel Irvine is the host to many important conferences.

California Disabled Veteran Business Alliance Conference

May - It is extremely important that Orange County and the entire country offer as many resources as possible to disabled veterans looking to start or run their own business. At this conference, disabled veterans are introduced to a variety of resources they can use to make their businesses successful.

Venue: Hyatt Regency Orange County - Garden Grove, CA
The Hyatt Regency in Orange County offers excellent service and luxurious accommodations.

Leadership Summit

September - The Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce holds its annual Leadership Summit to help local business professionals and entrepreneurs to get the resources they need to be successful. There are keynote speeches by business experts, but it is the breakout sessions that bring significant value.

Venue: Tustin Ranch Golf Club - Tustin, CA
The Tustin Ranch Golf Club is a premier golfing and conference venue in Orange County.

Economic Development Conference

October - The Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce holds the annual Economic Development Conference to enhance business in Orange County and attract more entrepreneurs to the area. The conference covers a variety of topics including the costs of doing business in Santa Ana and Orange County.

Venue: Double Tree by Hilton - Santa Ana, CA
The Double Tree by Hilton is a spacious conference center located right near the Santa Ana airport.

Change Orders in California

October - This is a practical conference for contractors or any other business entity that has to submit changes orders for projects. Essential elements of good project management are discussed, along with the procedures necessary to file proper change orders in Orange County.

Venue: Holiday Inn Santa Ana - Santa Ana, CA
The Holiday Inn in Santa Ana is a bit of luxury right near the airport.

Rules of Trust Administration Seminar In California

September - Trusts and trust administration are a growing concern for Orange County businesses and individuals. This seminar guides people through the intricacies of administering and using a trust for various purposes. Legal as well as financial experts are on hand to answer questions.

Venue: Holiday Inn Santa Ana - Santa Ana, CA
The Holiday Inn in Santa Ana has all of the amenities you need for a conference and it is right next to the airport.

Subdivision Map Act in California

October - Zoning laws in Orange County and the rest of California can cost a contractor and project owner a lot of time and money. At this conference, zoning experts offer advice to business professionals and contractors from all over the area.

Venue: Holiday Inn Santa Ana - Santa Ana, CA
With its close proximity to the Santa Ana Airport, the Holiday Inn is an ideal location for a business conference or large business meeting.